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With its variation in levels and difficulty and wide range of competitions available all across the country, Eventing is a sport which provides competitive and recreational opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. The sport draws from a wide range of riders both in age and geography. It can boast of 75 year old riders competing in upper level three-day events to youngsters of 10 and 11 at the entry level. With such a wide array of people participating in the sport, it is only logical that the likes and interests of spectators would also have a wide variance.

This is such an untapped market available for brand promotion and growth, I am offering the opportunity to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with me and join the Gab Aguilar Eventing team. As a team member you get to share in the excitement, joy and pride as we accomplish our goals.

As a relatively new rider with very ambitious goals, I am happy to offer many ways in which a sponsor would be able to share in our success.

Horse Syndicate

A horse syndicate offers you the opportunity to own part of an international team and with an investment of $5000 and a monthly maintenance fee of $200 you can own a share of a successful eventing horse. 
With your investment you get to participate in this exciting sport and cheer your horse on at all the competitions, live or online. As an owner you will get monthly updates, pictures, course walks, website presence, show grounds acknowledgment, social media acknowledgement, and personalized swag.

Travel Grants

A travel grant offers you the opportunity to join the team and with your support we will make our debut at several international championships.
Yes, you could be part of a team that starts competing abroad next year. And for your generous support, you will get a signed picture, team jacket, team status on our website, show grounds acknowledgment, text updates throughout the competitions.

Brand Ambassadors

You can become part of the team as an official brand and support the team as we work hard to achieve our goals. As Brand Ambassadors, the team will endorse products we use and highlight how each product has helped us achieve our goals.
For your generous support, you will get website presence, show grounds acknowledgment, social media acknowledgement, endorsements, image use, exclusive interviews and insights.

Fan Club

For the small fee of $100 you can subscribe to the monthly updates sent out to team owners, text updates through out competitions and the opportunity to win, and/or buy team swag.

GabOnline - Welcome


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