It takes a village

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On a slow day at the office, one with such nice weather that I wish I was outside riding, I am thinking about and analyzing the recent bumps in the road #themightymidget and I have encountered as we try to accomplish our goals. Each bump has been an opportunity to learn something, while also providing valuable insight on what it will take to succeed. So far there are two things that I have come to accept as facts: in order to succeed,  we will need the right training environment; and we will need a close supportive group of people to cheer and motivate us.

Let’s start with finding the right training environment. When looking for the “right” training program, it is always good to remember that there is no universal right or wrong training; rather, the best we can hope for is to find a program that best suits our needs. Luckily, I recently landed in a program that somehow manages to combine the best traits of the two training programs that helped  mold me as a somewhat successful young rider.

On the one hand, the program is very simple, there is a weekly plan, every week the plan is mostly the same (there are some exception because sometimes life happens), and it is easy to track improvements made from one week to the next. On the other hand, each session and each exercise is tailored to not only bring out the best from #themightymidget and I, but also to challenge our weak spots so that we are also constantly learning. This constant challenge, while extremely helpful, does take a toll on our ego, self-esteem and self-confidence. And while our trainers do their best to feed our confidence and make sure that we always walk away from every session with a positive message and a sense of accomplishment; we (and by this I mean I) tend to be our harshest critics and it takes special friends and family to help and make sure we are always at our best.

Which brings me to my second fact, it will take a village to accomplish our goals. And I am very lucky to have several amazing and wonderful people in my little village. I may not always tell them, and I may not always seem grateful; but I am, and I would like to use the rest of this post to share with you all, how amazing my little village is.

By the amazing things they have accomplished, like successfully completing a CCI 4* not once but twice, to having the biggest smile on their face every time they ride, this little village inspires me. When I accomplish any feat, from something as small as learning how to properly ride a down bank, to coming in first place at a show, this little village celebrates me. When I come down on myself hard for something as small as missing a distance, to getting eliminated, this little village comforts, supports and encourages me. With acts of kindness that range from a hug just because, to late nights at the barn tacking and caring for Gwen just so I can ride after a long day at work, this little village takes care of me. And finally, I am on this Journey with Gwen because this little village is there for me.

So, I end this post with a big thank you! We have a long road ahead of us, but with all of you by my side I am sure we will get there.


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